Neat Stuff Sold

Tailgun Ammo Box

Tail gun ammunition box, handles a capacity of 500 rounds of 50 caliber Browning machine gun ammunition. Made of fiberboard and manufactured by the Standard Tire Company of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Appears to be WWII. In excellent condition inside and out. Overall length 25 inches.


$300 Sold in August 2006


USMC Seismic Intrusion Detector

US Marine Corps Seismic Intrusion Sensor set. This detection set is Viet Nam-era

and in excellent condition. In original case with 4 transducers and all in excellent condition. More photos are available.




$300 Sold in December 2006

Mark 79-0 Naval Telescope

Mark 79-0 Naval telescope for 3" 50 caliber Naval canon. This unit is roughly World War II vintage, in original case and is in excellent

condition. The optics are clear and sharp, and it contains 3 flip down filters: red, amber and yellow. A must for your collection or artillery piece.


$350 Sold In December 2006

Call us toll-free and we will be happy to further describe the unit or answer any questions you might have.

Bingham Ammo Drum

Bingham .22 50 round Drum


These are .22 caliber 50 round drums for the Bingham machine gun. Will fit Auto Ordnance .22 Thompson replicas with a minor modification. RARE!!!!! Don't miss your chance to own one of these original drums.


$750 SOLD in May, 2007