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Mac 10 Race Gun

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Mac 10 Accessories

Powder Springs M10 Race Gun - 45 ACP original MAC 10 fully transferable submachine gun with many accessories allowing multiple configurations. This is the setup you want to enjoy real diversity of submachine gun shooting while possessing a weapon having the powerful 45 ACP knock-down capability. As pictured, comes with Race Gun upper having a forward grip to add controlability, plus an adjustable QUE Industries high quality compensator and electric White's brand red dot optical sight. The gun looks and shoots great! Comes with two additional uppers: one with a medium length barrel and genuine Thompson submachine gun Cutts compensator. The other has the standard short MAC 10 barrel with a high scope rail and extra weight to improve controlability. The bolt is a tight fit in this upper. Flash hider and muzzle extension are included for this short barreled upper.

All three of these uppers have been modified by a previous owner for left hand cocking. They have also had the scope rail attachments welded to the tops of the receivers. The heavy short barrel upper has cosmetically poor welding.

Comes with Thompson butt stock and original collapsible butt stock plus owner's manual, 10 magazines, attache carrying case and numerous small parts. One of the best features of this gun is that a new magazine catch has been installed, allowing the use of economical, unmodified USGI 45 Grease Gun magazines. You don't have to buy Cobray mags for this gun. However, the original magazine catch as well as the original top bolt cocking handle are included.

This MAC 10 Race Gun will be an exciting addition to your collection, providing diverse full auto shooting experiences for only $4,000 SOLD November 2006 Transfers to your dealer tax free.

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