“This benign and non-threatening box.....

...becomes this submachine gun!”


The UC submachine gun is remarkable for

what you don't see..........the gun, when it is folded!

The UC is totally self concealing, disappearing

in moments into a nondescript box. A number of

submachine guns have been designed to fold,

but all are instantly recognizable as machine guns.....

until the UC. In addition to being the only design of

its kind, the UC is fully transferable! Thats right, a new

machine gun that is fully transferable! The receivers

were all manufactured prior to the May 19, 1986

cutoff date, which makes the UC available to anyone

who lives in a state that permits machine gun

ownership. Where else can you find a brand new

transferable machine gun? NOWHERE!



The UC was designed by Utah Connor in the

1980's intentionally to be self concealing. An early

prototype was featured in the movie Robocop II,

disguised as a boom box type radio. Until it opens,

you have no idea that it isn't just a radio! Now is a

once in a lifetime chance to purchase your own!


Only 65 are available, and there will never be

anymore. Don't miss your chance! You can choose

your own color, in almost any finish Duracoat offers!

We have in stock Olive Drab, Desert Mirage Tan,

Veltor Dark Earth and Black, but with a little time,

you can have a truly custom SMG!


For sale now for $12,500. Don't wait to call and

miss your chance at one of these amazing and

rare guns!  Of 65 UC's available, 61 remain

As our inventory decreases, price may increase

Laser sight system

The UC open and ready for action!