M-60D On Huey Door Gun Mount

M-60D On XM-123 Door Gun Mount

M60D On Helicopter Gun Mount

Your friends may have an M60 machine gun, but does anyone else have one of these? This system does the best possible job of showing off the history and beauty of the M60 machine gun. Fully transferable Rock Island Arsenal M60 machine gun in correct "D" door gun pattern, mounted on an original HUEY HELICOPTER XM-123 door gun mount al la Vietnam. This system is unique to choppers, with its 400 round ammo can, flexible stainless steel feed chute and brass/link catch bag. It will make you feel right at home! We have added heavy steel base paltes without damaging or modifying the mount in any way, so this system can be fired with ease.

Enjoy maximum controllability and felxibility with this transferable Huey helicopter door gun system, fully transferable and delivered to you for $47,500 Sold March 2006

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