Manufactured in Phoenix, AZ in the 1960’s to resemble the Tommygun. Shoots standard 45 ACP ammunition and uses the robust and easy-to-find M3 grease gun magazines that do not have to be modified in any way to work well. The Spitfire was designed based on the M3 Greasegun blowback action, so it is sturdy, simple and employs a minimum of parts. It is very controllable and lots of fun to shoot! This is a good choice until you have $20,000 to $40,000 to spend on a real Thompson. Fully Transferable. Transfers to your dealer tax free. $6,000 plus shipping. NOTE in the photos that this Spitfire has had the barrel shortened to better resemble the Thompson and has been equipped with a carefully machined custom feed ramp, an improvement over the stamped feed ramp that came with Spitfires originally. In addition, Although Spitfires were only ID marked and serial numbered on the lower receiver, ATF has designated the upper receiver, the receiver tube, to be the registered part of Spitfire machineguns. Therefor, the upper receiver of this Spitfire has been properly marked with serial number and other ATF required ID information, per letter the seller received from ATF Technical Branch addressing the registered part of Spitfire machineguns. Spitfire submachineguns are a great machinegun because they use easily-available ammunition and magazines, plus the rate of fire is similar to the M3 Greasegun, about 500 rounds a minute, so your ammunition will last more than twice as long as it will in a MAC-10.


Spitfire Submachine Gun

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