Early War German MP40
Own the classic German submachine gun, a Schmeisser, from the early part of the war. This MP40 is marked with the manufacturering code "bnz". It was manufactured by Steyr Daimler Puch in Austria in 1941, in the early years of the war. Its serial number shows that it was one of the first 35,000 MP40s made by Steyr in 1941, out of the total production of 900,000 submachine guns. Except for the muzzle nut, it has all matching serial numbers! And there are a lot of them on this gun. See our photos. There is even a matching serial number on the black fiber barrel resting bar underneath the barrel. I have never seen a resting bar serial numbered before! This firearm was demilitarized by cutting the receiver tube underneath the rear magazine housing band. It was remanufactured 25 years ago and is fully transferable. No signs of remanufacture are visible on the exterior, only visible by cocking the bolt and looking back into the receiver! Plus, this MP40 is a tight firearm which has seen very little use and is in extremely good condition for its age, retaining most of its original bluing. For serious collectors, this MP40 was originally manufactured in 1941 without the safety notch in the receiver, and received the safety handle upgrade by Erma, as shown by the "ayf" code on the bolt handle. This is the gun you see in so many World War II photographs of German soldiers, the gun the Band of Brothers faced. This is the gun millions of people identify with WWII, brought back by a few fortunate GIs. A beautiful example of a rare early MP40 Schmeisser, an excellent and absolutely beautiful 9mm shooter. Comes with original sling.