M3 Grease Gun


Grease Gun

Rare original M3 grease gun manufactured by Guide Lamp. Demilitarized at some unknown time, meticulously re-welded and registered in 1982. The weld is barely visible. Fully transferable! This early model M3 features the side cocking handle, rare because this feature was deleted from the later and more prevalent M3A1 version of this World War II 45 caliber submachine gun. When the M3A1 second generation Grease Gun went into production, most of the original M3's were converted, eliminating the side-cocking handle. You will own the first generation Grease Gun collectors and re-enactors are looking for! An excellent shooter and an absolute war trophy. This M3 was Nitro Proofed as a US weapon and delivered to the British forces in WWII, as evidenced by its unusual barrel proof marks of "NP .45 inch .900 7 tons". This proof mark further identifies the World War II history of this fascinating submachine gun. Looks beautiful and comes with original WWII canvas pouch, an ultra-rare accessory for the grease gun. Fellow collectors will drool over this extraordinary example of WWII history. On display and hardly fired in the last 35 years.


SOLD September 2007

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