Italian 38/42 SMG

Italian 38/42
38/42 SMG

Italian SMG
38/42 9mm SMG

While the British and the Germans were manufacturing their submachine guns, Mussolini contracted with Beretta to manufacture the Model 38/42 9mm submachine gun for Italian troops. The 38/42 Beretta was preferred by troops over its predecessor, the 1938A, because the 38/42 was lighter, making it handier and faster on target, with a reduced cyclic rate. This weapon is an excellent example with virtually perfect wood and a number of proof marks on the stock. It even has its original sling. Appears to have been dewatted after the war and remanufactured well before 1986. This live, fully transferable Beretta submachine typifies the high standards to which Italian firearms are designed and made. The 38/42 has the advantage of dual triggers, the front smooth trigger for semi-automatic shooting and the rear serrated trigger for full auto, making the shooting experience controllable and enjoyable. Note the twin compensator slots built into the top of the barrel, adding to the gun's controllability. This Beretta 38/42 is the example you want, Mussolini's pride and joy.

$12,700 SOLD December 2006

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