Fine example of the UK's ingeniously designed counterpart to the German Schmeisser: the Mark II British Sten gun. This example appears to have been originally been welded to comply with dewat standards but was been expertly remanufactured by Specialty Arms in the early 1980s, making it a fully transferable, live submachine gun which helped defend the British Isles from German invasion. There are plenty of American manufactured tube guns for sale, but very few made by cutting an original receiver and re-manufacturing its parts into a "new" machine gun, unfortunately not a C&R. Own the real piece of history and still have a much favored fun shooter. Why is the Sten an all time favorite? Because of its unusual horizontal magazine which provides the shooter with two geometric planes to maximize subgun point shooting. Most subguns only have one plane, the vertical plane, but the Sten gun enjoys the vertical and the horizontal planes to dramatically enhance rapid spontaneous point shooting accuracy. Ask experienced collectors. Many of them will say that one of their most favorite subguns to shoot is the British Sten, manufactured by Churchill and his British citizens for a fraction of the cost Hitler paid for each of his MP40s.

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British STEN