America’s Heavy Machinegun of The Great War

The 1914 Hotchkiss Machinegun

The 1914 Hotchkiss machineguns were used by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers to silence the German Maxims. This original example must have been proudly brought back from the war by an American veteran because he couldn’t leave it behind - it saved the lives of so many of his friends. See vintage WWI images attached. This machinegun is fully functional, firing the 8mm Lebel cartridge available and easily reloadable. The cartridges use metallic feed strips to feed the gun. A dozen of those strips are included. It is a true joy to be able to fire a machinegun that Americans used to defeat the Germans 98 years ago! And the feed strips hold only 24 rounds, so firing a full feed strip is thrilling, yet does not break the bank like firing a 250 round belt of ammo. Yet it is just as much fun!The 1914 Hotchkiss was popular because it was air-cooled, saving the time required to service a water-cooled machinegun. Plus, it had less than half the parts of the German Maxim machinegun. Simply designed, reliable and still functioning nearly a century later: that is a tribute to Hotchkiss design.These Hotchkiss machineguns, mounted on the 1916 Universal tripod, included in the purchase, are going to become familiar weapons as Americans watch the WWI movies being planned and produced to celebrate the upcoming centennial of America’s involvement in WWI. Imagine being able to actually own one of those machineguns. This is your opportunity and your choice. As we have all discovered, the opportunities come when we believe we can’t afford them. Trades considered – even broken machineguns. Call on questions.

$25,000 – C&R and fully transferable 

Go to for WWI video of the 1914 Hotchkiss.