The Japanese Type 99 is one of WWII's finest light machine guns. Reliable, accurate adn strong, the only problem is ammunition is difficult to find and expensive. No more!

This C&R Type 99 was registered in the 1968 Amnesty, and original registration paperwork comes with the gun. Manufactured by Kokura Arsenal, the smallest of the Type 99 manufacturers, this version is as rare as the German FG42! This 99 was converted to fire easy to find and inexpensive .30-06! The magazine well was expertly machined out to accept modified BAR magazines, far easier to find and much cheaper than the rare original Type 99 magazines. While the original magazines may cost $1,000, you can use BAR mags and spend the difference in price to buy ammo!

This gun is great fun to shoot and makes a wonderful addition to your collection. Call us today and lets put this one in your vault!

Sold $13,950

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Type 99 LMG
Japanese LMG
Japanese Type 99