M1A1 Thompson

C&R Thompson
WWII Thompson


OK shooters, this one is for you! Made by Savage. This is an original WWII C&R Thompson M1A1 sumbmachine gun. At some point in its life, a small cut was made in the rear of the receiver, but this has been welded beautifully. It has fresh parkerizing and looks great too! Why own a modern reproduction Thompson when you can have an original for the same price? This guns smells like history! Shoots perfectly, and comes with 5 original 20 round magazines in a USGI canvas case. But thats not all! This M1A1 also has an unusual and fun accessory. A previous owner cut the mounting rail off of a 20 round magazine, and carefully welded it to the back of a 50 round drum. In most cases, to mount a drum to your M1A1, you have to cut the receiver, which weakens the whole gun. With this M1A1, you get the use of a 50 rond drum with an unmodified weapon! Works great and is lots fo fun. A Thompson belongs in every collection. Lets put this one in yours.

Grab it before it is gone. $14,750

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