Browning 1919
Browning MG
Browning 1919
History records that the John Browning designed 1919A4 belt fed 30-06 machinegun proved to be one of the most dependable rifle-caliber machineguns in use in World War II. Its flawless record continued through Korea and into Viet Nam. Thus many American Congressional Medals of Honor were awarded to a US GI saving fellow soldiers with their beloved 1919 Brownings. When it was replaced with the M60, only the gun was replaced, not its dependability! This beautiful specimen is a fine 1919A4, meticulously manufactured with a Specialty Arms sideplate, rendering it fully transferable and as dependable as a John Browning original gun. Comes on an excellent original uncut WWII M2 tripod with pintle, T&E. Also includes 4 cloth belts. Just as the 1919 was a favorite with GI's in WWII, it is a favorite today on the shooting line at Knob Creek and everywhere Class 3 firearms are enjoyed. This example will be a highlight of your collection and will serve you well at C3 shoots and competitions. It is a tough gun and will still be serving your grandkids two generations from now.

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