The German 08 Maxim belt-fed heavy machinegun is considered by many historians to have accounted for the most casualties of any machinegun of the First World War. It was the most lethal and difficult obstacle to US, French and British troop movements until it was finally silenced by the Armistice on November 11, 1918.Because of the extreme danger it presented, it was the most treasured war trophy for American soldiers to bring home. Most 08 Maxims in private ownership in America are dated 1918, the last year of The Great War. Maxims dated 1917 are usually found to be in well-worn condition or worse. This 08 Maxim is a remarkable exception. Most of its original deep luster blue finish remains intact on the waterjacket with some light surface rust. It’s early date and excellent condition indicate it must have been captured shortly after America’s entry into the war. This 08 Maxim comes mounted on the Cadillac of Maxim mounts, the Swiss Maxim tripod. The Swiss Maxim tripod combines quality Swiss engineering and functionality with practical usability, unlike the WWI German stamped sheet metal mount which was very clumsy to set up, stow away and operate. This Maxim has a single dent in the waterjacket. Except for the lock, steam hose fitting and drain valve, all serial numbers match including the display-only barrel and the muzzle gland. An extra barrel is included for shooting. Even the wood grips have the original varnish finish German gunners gripped until this Maxim was silenced. This is the first original matching serial numbered muzzle gland we have ever seen on a Maxim, possibly because this is an early 1917 manufactured gun, captured before the muzzle gland was replaced in the field. The muzzle gland allows the Maxim to shoot slower-extending ammunition and save on ammo costs. SEE VIDEO BELOW.

$25,000. This machinegun transfers to your dealer tax-free.

This is a fully transferable machinegun and the price includes an original German Maxim belt loader with original cloth belt for 8mm Mauser cartridges, a 1910 Maxim tool kit, a 250-round Swiss Maxim steel ammunition belt which makes shooting this gun very easy, an extra “shooter” Maxim barrel and the only instruction book you will ever need on the Maxim machinegun, Dolf Goldsmith’s masterpiece entitled The Devil’s Paintbrush.

1 Full left side on mount
Full left side on mount
3 Serial Number on left side of receiver
Serial Number on left side of receiver
First World War 1917 German 08 Maxim Machinegun
4 Top cover SN and markings 5 Receiver right side 6 Receiver top View
7 Swiss Mount forward detail 8 Waterjacket paint and dent 9 Left View on Swiss mount
10 Right rear closup on mount 11 Receiver bottom 12 Grips and trigger
13 Original paint on waterjacket 14 Spring missing from Swiss Mount retaining pin 15 Waterjacket front surface
16 Waterjacket bottom
This machinegun transfers to your dealer tax-free. $25,000.00 plus shipping.
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