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Referral Fees

M6 pays generous referral fees, sometimes known as "finder fees," totaling five percent of the purchase
price or exchange amount, directly to the individual or company providing M6 with information which results
in M6 completing the acquisition of legally registered machine guns by purchase, exchange, or otherwise.
This fee is paid to the first party contacting M6 with adequate information on the source of those firearms
so as to follow M6 personnel to contact the owners or appropriate people in charge of the ownership or
disposition of the registered firearms. The fee is paid promptly upon completion of the acquisition and
delivery of the firearms to the corporate headquarters.

If you are considering submitting a referral to M6, please provide as much information as possible on the
firearms, the owner or contact person, accurate contact information, best times to call, and any history you
may know of the firearms or the circumstances involved in their disposition. We will give you a written or emailed
confirmation of our receipt of your referral. We will also keep you updated, as appropriate to the circumstances,
on our acquisition efforts and progress.

Referrals may be made on a variety of circumstances. The registered firearms may be in the possession of a
law-enforcement agency or other government agency. They may be owned by a collector or his widow.
they may be in charge of an attorney handling an estate, or in the possession of a collector's children or other heirs.
We have also found that American Legion and VFW halls have machine gun sand and other war trophies brought
back from World War I, World War II, Korea, or Vietnam by veterans. Consider all sources in your area.
A ten percent referral fee can amount to a big check to you.