$1000 Down Payment

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Purchaser Assurances


1. Immediately upon receipt of your cashier's check covering purchase and shipping,

M6 Management Corporation agrees to photocopy that check and type a receipt on the

photocopy, describing the firearm purchased and confirming that payment has been received

in full. That reciept will be faxed or mailed to the purchaser on the day payment is received.


2. Once we receive your purchase funds, M6 considers the gun "yours." We guarantee your purchase will not be fired.


3. Immediately upon receipt of the receiving dealer's Federal Firearms License and Special Occupational

Tax certification, and after receipt of full purchase proceeds, we will complete the ATF Form 3 transfer, fax

it to ATF, and fax or mail a copy of the transfer to the purchaser.


4. Until the transfer is approved, purchaser's dealer may call ATF at (202) 927-8330. By providing serial

number, transferor and transferee, purchaser's dealer can confirm the appication is "PENDING" in their system

and learn of its approval.


5. Immediately upon receipt of the approved AFT transfer application, we will call the purchaser and fax a copy

of the transfer to the purchaser.


6. M6 will ship the firearm to the purchaser's dealer within three (3) working days after receipt of approval or transfer.

Generally, shipping will be made via FedEx Ground. After pickup of shipment by FedEx, we will call or email purchaser

with the tracking number.