Provide US Government-quality protection for your priceless and irreplaceable machine guns. For $500 delivered, purchase a genuine USGI Stinger missile launcher carrying case. When you have a machine gun worth $20,000 or $30,000 dollars, do you want to chance any damage? Uncle Sam felt the same way about his Stinger missile launchers. These very well made aluminum cases have an exterior length of 66 inches and exterior cross section of 13 inches x 14 inches. If your machine gun does not exceed 62 inches in length, this is ideal protection. The interior foam is set up for a missile launcher. Simply remove it and fill with foam you can purchase at Home Depot.

Unique qualities of this case: 4 very heavy duty snap-lock latches which only the government could afford. A lid-locking hinge, plus O-ring seal, exterior pressure relief valve and a humidity indicator. Solid carrying handles at each end of the case.

These cases could stand to be repainted, but are exceedingly heavy duty, weighing over forty pounds, and not to be confused with plastic cases. Cheaper cases exist, but our government does not use them for their Stinger missiles! One deep scratch in your priceless machine gun, and $500 will seem to be an economical insurance policy. Own the best carrying case you can get for your treasures. $500 delivered.

MG Case